Why You Should Bring Your Vehicle In For Fall Servicing

Did you know that we get 13 inches of snow on average each year in Crossville, TN? We also get a lot of rain – 56 inches to be exact, which is 18 inches more than the national average. What does this mean your car, SUV or truck? It means you should consider a fall service visit to make certain your vehicle is ready for winter weather. J&R Automotive offers that service.

Rain, Snow and Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage

Too much moisture over time equals rust, which is why vehicle undercarriages tend to rust in moist climates. Salt used to prevent skidding on icy roads expedites the oxidation that causes rust, so it’s easy for your vehicle’s undercarriage to rust in the winter. Although it takes time for the rust to cause significant damage, prevention is the best medicine here. Undercarriages can be treated to prevent rust.

Tires and Suspension

Avoiding rust on the undercarriage prevents holes in your vehicle’s metal. Ensuring you have plenty of tread on your tires and that your suspension system is a-okay prevents you from losing control on slippery roads. Now is the time for a tire inspection to ensure the air pressure is what it should be, you have plenty of tread to keep your grip on the road, and that they are aligned and balanced properly.

You should also have your suspension system inspected. You might think your suspension is just the struts or shock absorbers, but it’s also the wheels/tires, bushings, joints and bearings, linkages, steering and springs. These things work together to help you navigate your vehicle, which gets harder in the winter when it’s raining or snowing. Have the suspension checked for any issues prior to wet weather.

Belts, Filters, Fluids and Hoses

Now is also a good time to have your belts, filters, fluids and hoses inspected. Belts and hoses wear down over time; hoses leak over time; filters and fluids get dirty. A quick check of all these things can help avoid a breakdown in inclement weather. For example, if you have a small hole in your radiator hose, your engine could leak antifreeze which it needs in the winter to prevent engine damage.

Call J&R Automotive in Crossville, TN, at 931-572-5415 to set up a fall maintenance service visit. We will give your car, truck or SUV a thorough once-over to make sure it will operate efficiently all winter long. You don’t want to get stuck in the snow and we don’t want you to, either.