What Are The Symptoms Of A Faulty Cooling Fan Switch?

Have you ever noticed that fan that turns on and off in your engine while you’re stuck in traffic? This is the cooling or radiator fan and it is run by the cooling fan switch. Your cooling system also has a thermostat that keeps track of the engine’s temperature, once it gets too hot, the switch – which is made up of two wires – flips the fan on to cool the radiator down. What happens if the switch fails to work? We here at J & R Automotive hope you never have to find out.

How Can I Tell It’s Faulty?

The best way to tell if your cooling switch is faulty is to listen to your engine while you drive. You know how your engine is supposed to sound, and if you notice that you don’t hear the fan as often as you normally do during your afternoon commute, you might have a failing switch. Take into account your driving conditions and the weather outside, and if nothing is out of the ordinary and your fan isn’t turning on as often as it normally does, let us have a look.

Three Other Symptoms

If you’re a driver who gets lost in your music or spends your commute on the phone – hands-free! – then you probably don’t pay attention to the sound of your fan and when it turns on and off. In this case, it’s important to note three separate indicators that spell possible trouble with your vehicle’s cooling fan switch. They are

  • Check engine light
  • Intermittent fan operation
  • Overheating

Okay, admittedly intermittent fan operation means you’d be listening to it, but what we mean by this is a fan that turns on and off when it shouldn’t, such as when you’re driving fast and have plenty of air pulling through your vehicle’s grille to keep the engine cool. It could also turn on and off constantly, which is an annoyance you’re sure to notice over your music.

Check Engine Light and Overheating

Intermittent aside, if your check engine light comes on while you’re driving, it could mean your cooling fan switch is failing. Even if that isn’t the problem, it’s crucial to bring your vehicle in right away for a diagnostic check, as the check engine light means something is wrong no matter what. Pay attention to your dashboard temperature gauge, too, and if your vehicle has been running hotter than normal, bring it in.

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