The Most Common Engine Problems

Your vehicle’s engine is a complicated machine that depends on a variety of components to function properly. It doesn’t matter what kind of engine your vehicle uses; engine problems can be frustrating and expensive. But not every engine problem is an expensive disaster. Here are some of the most common engine issues and what might be causing them.

Your Engine Won’t Start

One of the most obvious signs of engine problems is an engine that won’t start. But if you can’t crank your car on the first try, it might be because you have a dead battery and need a jumpstart so you can get to J&R Automotive for a test and replacement. If your battery cables look dirty or corroded, try cleaning them with a mixture of baking soda and water. Other things that could cause your engine not to start to include clogged fuel filters and failing fuel pumps.

An Overheating Engine

Your engine is designed to maintain a proper temperature in or order to perform properly. If your engine is overheating, it should be handled immediately. The chances are you are low on coolant, which you should only check once the engine has completely cooled. A broken thermometer or cracked head gasket could also be the reason your engine is overheating. Whatever the case, an overheating engine should never be ignored as it could lead to extensive damage.

Your Vehicle Stalls

When your engine stalls while you are in a safe place, it is frustrating. When it stalls on the road, it is dangerous. The most common cause of engine stalls is a problem in your fuel line or fuel filter that isn’t allowing enough fuel to meet your engine. While you were able to start your car, the level of fuel wasn’t enough to maintain power. It could also be worn out spark plugs. If your car stalls more than once, it is time to bring it to Crossville, TN‘s J&R Automotive.

You See Steam or Smoke

Anytime steam or smoke is coming from under your hood, it is a sign of big trouble. Based on the smoke color, it could be from the bad cylinders to a worn-out gasket, or it could even be because you have the wrong kind of oil in your vehicle.

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