Let’s Talk About the Advantage of Diesel Engines for a Minute

We here at CAR FIX Crossville work on just about any vehicle you can think of. Our skilled technicians know both gasoline and diesel engines. There are advantages to both, but if you’ve considered driving a diesel car, truck, or SUV and then opted against it, you are missing out on some pretty cool advantages. Let’s talk about what those advantages are so you can decide if diesel is the better option for you the next time you’re in the market for a new or used automobile.


You might not think of diesel vehicles as economy cars but the beauty of diesel engines is that they can produce tremendous power with less fuel. Diesel fuel is denser in its energy source, which simply means it takes less of it to power and run a diesel engine. This translates to longer tank life in your diesel vehicle. You will get better gas mileage with a diesel automobile, so much so that you might even get better gas mileage than you would if you drove a gas/electric hybrid.

Cheaper Fuel

Depending on where you live, you might also pay less for diesel fuel. It used to be that diesel fuel was more expensive than gasoline, which is one reason why many people preferred to purchase and drive gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs. Now, diesel fuel prices are competitive with gas prices, if not better. If you live in an area where diesel fuel is cheaper, you’ll not only save money at the gas station but also with the better fuel economy discussed above.

Higher Torque

Torque is the power your engine produces to get the driveshaft in motion. The higher the torque rating the more power your engine produces. Heavy vehicles, such as big rigs and construction vehicles, rely on diesel engines because they produce enough torque to allow the vehicle to start from a stop and gain speed more quickly than gasoline engines do. It takes much longer for a semi-truck with a gas engine to gain speed than it does for the same truck with a diesel engine.

Finally, diesel automobiles last forever – well for many, many miles anyway. As such, they hold higher resale values than their gas-powered counterparts. If you like to buy a new car every few years, you might get more money for your used diesel, especially if you let us keep it in tiptop shape. We are CAR FIX Crossville in Crossville, TN, and you can call us at 931-572-5415 for your automotive service needs.

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Photo by Scharffsinn86 from Getty Images