How to Stay Safe While Waiting for a Tow Truck

Calling for a tow truck is frustrating, a bit frightening at times, and also embarrassing. Did you know it can also be dangerous? Breaking down on the side of the road or in the middle of the road is not for the faint of heart, no matter who you are. How do you stay safe while you wait for roadside assistance? Let us here at J&R Automotive offer the following advice.

Pull Off the Road

One of the reasons why waiting for a tow truck can be dangerous is because people may slam into your stalled vehicle. Pull off the road at the first sign of automotive trouble, even if it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. You do not want to get stuck in the road as a hazard that other drivers must avoid.

Alert Other Drivers

Even if you are pulled to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights and put out emergency flares or reflective triangles to help other drivers see you. This is especially important during dawn or dusk when visibility is compromised by the rising and setting sun. Make yourself visible to oncoming traffic.

Stay in the Car

Once you’ve safely placed the flares or triangles outside, get back in your car, truck, or SUV and stay there. If it’s night, lock the doors and do not open them for anyone except the authorities or the tow truck driver. It’s also wise to park underneath a light if you can when you’re vehicle stalls after dark.

Grab Your Things

Even if you plan to ride with the tow truck driver and have him tow you to a trusted mechanic, grab your valuables and keep them on your person instead of inside your car. Don’t leave anything in the vehicle you can afford to lose. You never know what might happen to stuff when your vehicle is towed.

Don’t Panic

Yes, this is stressful but try to stay calm and don’t accept help from strangers, especially rides. You are a “sitting duck” out there in a stalled car, so remember what your mom always taught you when you were a kid and be smart. Don’t let panic get the better of your common sense. 

Save Your Battery

Finally, once you’ve called for the tow and let your loved ones know where you are and that you’re okay, put the mobile phone down and don’t use it. Save the battery in case you need the phone later on. The tow truck driver might need to call you if he can’t find you.

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