How Long Do Spark Plugs Last?

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Unlike the days of old, spark plugs last much longer in today’s automobile. In fact, the tune-up has now become more of a belts, fluids, and hoses check. You should still bring your vehicle in every 30,000 miles for service, but we might not need to replace your spark plugs each time. If your manufacturer recommends new plugs every 30K, you can bet J & R Automotive will follow their direction, but some plugs these days can go 100,000 miles before they fail.

Yep! You Read That Right!

Did you say 100,000 miles? Yes, we did, but that doesn’t mean you should wait that long. It’s just that automobile technology continues to move forward and certain plug materials last longer. If you have copper plugs under the hood, you won’t get as many miles out of them than you would with other plugs. New materials have extended the life of spark plugs, so if you’re not sure what you have under the hood, bring your vehicle in and we’ll check the plug type.

Plug Deterioration

Your spark plugs take a huge beating every time you start your engine. They deal with extreme temperatures that would make other automobile parts tremble. Eventually, your plugs will break down. There’s no way to avoid that. What causes their deterioration is air-fuel mixture deposits and an expansion of the gap between the ignition and combustion points. What causes the deposits and gap? The extreme temperatures and debris. This is normal wear and tear.

Signs Your Plugs Are Deteriorating

If you notice your vehicle is getting harder to start or misfiring, chances are your plugs are wearing down. You might also hear strange noises or your car or truck might stall when stopped. Failing spark plugs can also affect your vehicle’s fuel economy because the engine works harder to stay running. Additional signs include rough engine idling, poor acceleration, or uneven surges, e.g. your vehicle speed stutters as you start from a stop or drive.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle in and we’ll take a look at the plugs. Even if your automobile runs just as it did when you drove it off the lot, if you can’t remember the last time you had your plugs changed, it’s probably time to break out the owner’s manual and see when you should bring it in. New plugs will increase engine performance and decrease fuel consumption, so what are you waiting for?

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