Six Fleet Services That Save You Money

J&R Automotive works directly with fleet managers to ensure their vehicles are always safe, reliable, and profitable. We understand that you are held to a bottom line, and money spent on servicing and repairing your fleet vehicles takes away from that bottom line. Six specific fleet services will save you money in the end. Here’s what they are and, yes, we can help you with all of them.

1. Belt Checks

Your fleet vehicle engines have a series of belts that work in different systems. If any of these belts break, especially the timing belts, you could be facing expensive auto repairs or even engine replacements. Have the belts checked regularly so they can be replaced before they break.

2. Brake Inspections

Fleet vehicles must operate under stringent safety standards, and part of that vehicle safety is the brakes. Regular brake inspections every 15,000 miles for fleet vehicles helps prevent premature brake wear and tear and brake failure. Replacing the pads costs less than replacing them and the rotors.

3. Filter Replacements

Your fleet vehicles have three primary filters: air, fuel, and oil. These filters need to be changed at different intervals, but you must change them when they need it to avoid engine damage. For example, a clogged air filter introduces dirt into the engine, like a clogged fuel filter.

4. Fluid Flushes/Refills

The oil filter is replaced when you change the oil, which should be done every 3,000 miles on fleet vehicles. You also need to make sure you flush and fill the brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission oil regularly. Keep the windshield washer reservoir full for your drivers, too.

5. Hose Replacements

Hoses deal with a lot of engine heat and crack as they age. Hose inspections allow us to see when a hose is wearing down and replace it before it becomes a problem. For example, if a radiator hose cracks, your fleet vehicle’s engine will spring a coolant leak through the cracked hose and overheat.

6. System Inspections – Fleet Services

Finally, each system deserves an inspection when the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it. We talked about the brake system above, but you also need to have the cooling, electrical, exhaust, fuel, ignition, suspension, and transmission (plus the drive train) systems checked regularly for damage.

As we said above, J&R Automotive in Crossville, TN, services and repairs fleet vehicles. Our fleet services aim to find problems and fix them before they become an expensive headache. Call us today for an appointment.

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